About Kelly

Kelly is a certified health coach, life coach, Reiki Master, yoga & meditation teacher, (RYT 200) and public school teacher.  She has a Masters in Education & Special Education, a Bachelors in Interpersonal Communication from UNH and began teaching in 1998. She taught most grade levels from K-8 and eventually specialized in reading for a total span of 20 years on the seacoast.  

Kelly has survived a lot of stressful times - a tough childhood and life as an adult that has brought more ‘life lemon’s than was in her master plan - from 2 divorces to living with daily, chronic pain.  Additionally, she was a true couch potato - and that only changed when her health issues forced the choice of more pain and inactivity…or action by working through it.  

She responded to hitting rock bottom by investing in her own health coach and then going back to school for health & life coaching. Kelly realized that she needed healthier habits, better strategies for coping with stress and the fact that our bodies are meant to move. 

She started with small habit changes and those snowballed. Eventually, she got a trainer to help her gain confidence in the gym and in lifting weights.   She also began to see that when stressors caused painful flare-ups, it was a gift to help her become aware, work through the stress and not bottle it deep down inside.  Moving past life’s struggles became her own super power - she learned how to get past it, get better and remain optimistic and happy.

She believes in perpetual personal growth, people connecting and helping one other - she has served on the boards of Share Our Strength & Seacoast Local, been a Girl Scout Leader for many years, coached Girls on the Run, started parents of teens networking support groups and been an organizer of group activities like National Night Out, camping and whitewater rafting.  She is also a newly minted writer for the Seacoast Moms’ Blog.

One of her favorite mantras is ‘Fear Means Go’ and so even though she’s an introvert, she keeps trying to do things that push her out of her comfort zone like skydiving, improv, public speaking, and blogging on all things wellness. Her life goal is to live as large as possible, while trying to make a positive dent in our world.

Kelly lives with her husband and daughter in Portsmouth, NH.  She loves to travel, read, kayak and when her husband isn’t looking, re-decorate their whole house with lots of color and funky flea market finds.

Follow the wellness adventures on Instagram @wellnesslemonade, facebook: www.facebook.com/wellnesslemonade.