Client Love

Health Coaching

Working with Kelly has been an absolutely amazing experience!  Not only is she kind & very knowledgeable, but our weekly sessions helped to keep me accountable. By setting small, attainable goals each week, I'm already making some positive life changes.  With her guidance and support, I've learned so much about myself.  I really appreciate Kelly's holistic approach.   I'm learning techniques for stress reduction and am beginning to make healthier choices - not just for today but for the long-term.  I'm learning to make myself a priority.   I'm so very grateful for you!  - K.C.

Coach Kelly listens carefully to your needs and puts together a plan tailored to you that works. Her attention to detail and positive suggestions helped me stay focused on my goals week after week. When I falter, she is there with strategies to lead me back to higher ground. Kelly is caring and supportive, everything you need in a coach. Coach Kelly has truly been a positive force in my life journey. She listens carefully to your needs and puts together a tailored plan that works.  She has a great tool box of strategies to help you achieve whatever your personal goals are! - L.P.


I had such an energetic, yet calming experience and was able to perceive a whole pallet of colors during the session. You are so powerful!! - M.N.

I really enjoyed my Reiki session and thank you so much for your loving and healing and funny spirit. I felt totally safe and cared for which helped me to experience a deep and lasting relaxation. - B.B.

I felt JOY. Dude. JOY. Honestly it’s been a while since I’ve felt that. Thank you. - J.H.