The Mom Life


I thought I knew what love was…then my girl was born.

It’s like I was reborn at that time. My heart broke open and I felt so much love, I vowed to be the absolute best mom that I could. I promised I would not repeat the mistakes my parents made. I would be different. My girl would feel love and know that she was put first.

I am very proud of that. I didn’t repeat mistakes. My counselor jokes with me that it’s amazing I am not living in a cardboard box somewhere. But the downside of giving your kids all that you have, is that you lose a little bit of yourself.

Self-care was not a priority.

The Music Together classes, the organic or home-made baby food, the play dates, the baby sign language lessons, the exposure to classical music, counting, numbers, vocabulary, all of those things that they say helps your kids the most - became my priority.

I don’t think I’m alone.

We’re all trying to do better than our parents and we love our kids with all our heart. Our generation gives kids 100%.

And I love that because I LOVE KIDS and they are our future. But I’ve learned that to keep giving them what they deserve, us moms need balance. WE NEED to take care of ourselves first. Because I learned the hard way - bedridden from health reasons and NOT able to play with my girl…I was no longer giving her what she deserved.

So now, parenting is still my number 1 mission, but it’s more balanced. And I take comfort in knowing that I am being a good role model for her too.

This makes me super passionate about working with moms!

Please message or call me so we can talk about what your goals are and how we could work together to help you reach them.

Also, check out the Seacoast Mom’s Blog - it’s a wonderful resource for local moms. I have just started writing for them and believe we all need to stick together!