Health & Life Coaching, Reiki, Yoga


Hi, I’m Kelly!

Over the past several years, I had been experiencing major stress at work and at home.  I felt the weight of life’s lemons impact me - from watching a parent grapple with Dementia, my 2 divorces, being a single mom, to experiencing a barrage of stress-related health problems that doctors diagnosed as ‘chronic pain’. 

I knew something had to change. 

I hit rock bottom and started to make small changes, read everything I could on personal development and finally felt some traction - these changes started snowballing and helping in all areas of my life.  I ate healthier, worked out, meditated, got a health coach, nutritionist, personal trainer and did a ton of wellness research.  I finally saw flare ups of pain when stress would hit - as a gift. My body was talking to me, letting me know when things were too much, so that I could course-correct.  I listened to my body and didn't feel like it was my enemy anymore.

I am now obsessed with wellness, taking classes, workshops, anything that will consistently help me evolve in all areas of my life to keep chasing the best version of myself.  I fell in love with the world of wellness so much that I studied at the Health Coach Institute for health & life coaching, and also went back to school for a year-long intensive on classical yoga and trained to be a level II reiki practitioner. 

I had a history of being there through tough times for my teenage daughter and my friends - and so I felt driven to take it to a professional level to help teens dealing with anxiety, stress & goal setting and adults dealing with:

  • divorce 

  • balancing a family & work

  • becoming a single parent

  • being a care taker for a parent

  • anxiety

  • overwhelming stress

  • chronic pain

  • chronic illnesses

  • burnout

  • needing to lose weight

  • feeling broken

I realized that the curveballs life throws at us can be crushing, (and they had been for me) but quite often, there is wisdom in them.  I looked back at the hardest times of my life - failures, losses, depression and eventually realized that good had come out of them and I had learned so very much. 

I used those lessons to fuel personal growth (my very own brand of lemonade!) ...and it made me better, stronger, calmer, more peaceful, more open-minded and through a lot of emotional work, happier. 

I am compassionate because I’ve been there.  If you’re here now, showing up and knowing change needs to happen somehow, you’re my kind of people.  I know it’s hard - and I know that you are stronger than you think.  Imagine, in just 3 months, your life can be entirely different - emotionally, mentally, physically.  

Let me help you get there with 1:1 coaching where we talk each week, dig deep, learn about wellness and habit change and co-create action steps that will set up inevitable success and wellness.

I love connecting with others and using my tools of transformation - my experience and knowledge to bring about positive change.  I've also honed my spidey sense of being able to go deep through listening without judgement to help get to the root causes.  I live for brainstorming and finding out-of-the-box solutions that haven’t been tried before.

I’m the compassionate, kick-in-the-pants that will help you see the change you’re capable of, walk with you to rise above the obstacles, and hold you accountable to reach goals, create change and find more peace and joy in life.

My mission is to help others heal, find inner-peace, love themselves, get stronger, feel good, find happiness and wake up grateful.

If it's time for change, let's chat.  I can help make it happen.