Power-Down Hour by Candlelight

Every Sunday night, 7pm

mindfulness, gentle yoga, meditation, extended savasana relaxation with reiki & essential oil forehead massage

If your rushed, stressed, busy, distracted or exhausted at the end of the day - this is for you. Coupling health-coaching, mindfulness and yoga - we've designed this unique candlelight class to guide you through different mindfulness practices each week that reduce anxiety and send you into a state of deep relaxation, optimal for a deep, restorative night's sleep and a positive, empowered outlook on the new day ahead. 

Each week, a new mindfulness topic & technique will be discussed and put into practice, followed by a gentle yoga sequence to untangle stress in the body while the mind lets go of tension as well. The class will enjoy an extended savasana incorporating assisted gentle stretches, reiki, essential oil massage on the temples of the head, and then end with breathwork & meditation. 

If you're spending most of your time powering-up and running full-speed-ahead, join us for the power-down hour just before bedtime. Replenish, so your inner wellspring of energy never runs on empty.

 info@evolveportsmouth.com to sign up!
EVOLVE Mindful Movement 33 deer st, downtown Portsmouth, near the waterfront www.evolveportsmouth.com

Teen Yoga & Stress-Busting Tools

My Summer Series for Teens has ended…but stay tuned for a new series coming this October at EVOLVE Mindful Movement in Downtown Portsmouth!